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Industrial waste water management

Industrial Waste Water Management

Geist, a research driven technology business offers specialised treatment and management of waste water across industries where water is an essential component of the production activities. We are amongst the few research and technology businesses operating in India that specialise in sustainable technology solutions for industrial waste water treatment and chemical recovery from waste water, a pivotal measure in preventing groundwater contamination.


Our progressive solutions promote environmental protection and champion a paradigm shift in water management practices. We enable industries imbibe environmentally conscious waste water management processes, be more agile to evolving pollution control regulations, and bring life back to industrial waste water.

Geist offers progressive methods of treating industrial waste water with optimal costs and superlative operating benefits over conventional technologies, offering high-quality water for reuse, along with unlocking value through recovered chemicals. This approach transforms the concept of 'wealth out of waste' emphasizing the sustainable and responsible management of industrial by-products.


Carbon footprint

+517 Mn

4 years of partnering over 6 esteemed clients for enabling compliance with regulations, infusing environmental consciousness into industrial processes, elevating profitability, and recycling over 517 million gallons of waste water!

How geist works

Industrial Solutions

Geist delivers sustainable technological solutions tailored to the unique needs of various chemical industries.


Wastewater Management

Geist enables zero liquid discharge by implementing highly efficient & effective sustainable technology whereby the waste water can be recycled back to the parent process to achieve ZLD.


Resource Concentration

Geist's cutting-edge and proprietary WOOW technology is dedicated to the maximization of resource recovery from wastewater streams,  transforming waste water streams into profitable resources and creating economic value from waste.


Enhancing Water Sustainability

Geist enables zero liquid discharge by implementing highly efficient & effective sustainable technology whereby the waste water can be recycled back to the parent process to achieve ZLD.

How Geist works and its benefits

of Zero
Liquid Discharge


ZLD systems capture and recycle water, salts, and other valuable materials from wastewater. This reduces waste and generates revenue by extracting and selling recovered substances.


ZLD is an effective way for industries to meet environmental regulations related to wastewater discharge.


ZLD systems contribute to sustainable water management by reusing treated water for various industrial processes, reducing the demand for freshwater and mitigating water scarcity issues.


ZLD aligns with corporate sustainability goals, demonstrating a commitment to environmental responsibility, which attracts environmentally conscious investors and partners.


By treating and reusing water, companies can reduce the volume of water they need to purchase and discharge.


 As global environmental standards evolve and water resources become scarcer, industries that implement ZLD are better positioned to adapt to regulations and operational sustainably.

Waste water


A progressive technology business offering industrial waste water management and chemical recovery solutions

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