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hábitat | waste to wonder theme parks

Theme parks

Our hàbitat business vertical offers a compelling proposition that encompasses conceptualising, designing, planning, development and operations' management of urban city parks underpinned by environmental consciousness, social good, and theme based public art! 

The parks are a manifestation of nature nestled within urban landscapes, and offer refuge for local biodiversity, green recreational spaces, wonders of public art curated and created out of reclaimed waste materials, and an immersive experience with curated events and a wide spectrum of culinary flavours!

We are humbled in bringing to the local communities these experiential green nests and partnering city administrations to help them reduce their carbon footprint and elevate their contribution to the nation's commitment towards the UN SDG's.

Carbon footprint

+5k tn

7 thriving urban green nests, underpinned by exclusive themes and immersive experiences, and over 5000 tonnes of waste reclaimed and repurposed enabling significant reduction in the carbon footprint associated with city development!

Theme Parks

Saheedi Park, New Delhi
Shaheedi Park, Delhi
Pragati Park, New Delhi
Pragati Park, Delhi
Bharat Darshan Park, New Delhi
Bharat Darshan Park, Delhi
World of Dinosaurs, Delhi
World of Dinosaurs Park, Delhi
Kathak Selfie Park, Lucknow
Kathak Selfie Park, Lucknow
UP Darshan Park, Lucknow
UP Darshan Park, Lucknow
Periyakulam Selfie Park, Coimbatore
Periyakulam Selfie Park, Coimbatore
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Upcoming Theme Parks
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